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Case Results


The following results represent gross amounts recovered and not the net amounts that went to the clients. The amounts stated are before deductions for fees and costs of attorneys and third parties such as medical providers. Further, the results include cases handled by Liah C. Catanese at her prior law firm.


  • $16.0 MILLION Wrongful death and personal injuries resulting from a construction accident.
  • $5 MILLION Tower crane accident in New York City resulting in wrongful death
  • $2.7 MILLION On-the-job construction accident resulting in personal injuries.
  • $2.75 MILLION Premises liability action against hotel and contractor for injuries suffered when hotel guest fell through defective door, lacerating arm, resulting in CRPS/RSD.
  • $2.2 MILLION Construction accident wherein employee negligently transported two-tons of glass mirrors which fell on man and crushed him to death.
  • $1.135 MILLION Toxic tort wrongful death case.
  • $1.138 MILLION Pedestrian hit and killed in an intersection under construction.
  • $1.0 MILLION Wrongful death of construction worker due to unsafe work place.
  • $850,000.00 Passengers injured on a land excursion oversees.
  • $600,000 Federal prisoner sustained personal injury due to failure to timely treat.
  • $635,000.00 Employee injured on construction job site.
  • $500,000 Rollover, Products Liability suit resulting in injured hand.
  • $450,000 Medical Malpractice of young man with Crohn’s disease.
  • $387,000 Jury Verdict for pedestrian hit by vehicle sustaining arm and wrist injury.
  • $335,000 Wrongful Death in an Assisted Living Facility with a limited insurance policy.
  • $330,000 Teen struck by lightning.