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Why is Warrior Law P.A. Revolutionary?

Lawsuits arise from painful situations such as personal injuries or abrupt loss. These cases can wreak havoc on the lives of all parties involved and cause intense suffering. The hurt is worsened if there is a contentious legal battle. That’s why Warrior Law strives to resolve cases in a more peaceful and respectful way. Instead of engaging in reactive, emotional behavior, Warrior Law seeks to hold a third party responsible in a calm, assertive manner. Resolving disputes in a gentle way does not mean allowing a wrongful party to escape liability or accepting less than the value of a case. It means working hard to maximize results using a different method. Warrior Law is founded on mindful principles and dedicated to mindful practice. The firm is fully committed to cultivating a healthier legal industry and revolutionizing the way lawsuits are handled. Warrior Law accepts cases involving personal injuries or wrongful death. This includes medical malpractice cases, premises liability cases, car and truck accidents, cruise ship accidents, boating accidents, jobsite accidents, construction accidents, and products liability cases. Warrior Law is dedicated to an alternative approach to litigation, striving to maintain a peaceful environment. Contact the firm today and become a part of this profound transformation.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a popular term today. With all the buzz, the true meaning is overshadowed, but the meaning is simple. Mindfulness is being aware of where you are and what you’re doing right now, without thinking about the past or the future. People tend to dwell on the past—stirring over something that happened, something they said, something they should have done—or obsess over the future—their “things to do” list or things to attain, buy or become. The human mind is clogged with thoughts of the past and the future which drives one’s attention, focus and resources away from the present. Being mindful simply means focusing and appreciating what’s happening right now and shutting out all other thoughts.

Why is it Important for Attorneys to be Mindful?

It is a great power to stop the chatter of the mind when it wanders into countless thoughts over the past and the future. It takes great discipline to fully focus on the present. That’s a critical skill for a successful lawyer for three major reasons. First, a Mindful lawyer is not overwhelmed and therefore, thinks clearly and truly listens. Attorneys are busy, multi-taskers with heavy caseloads and deadlines. The demands of the job easily overwhelm a person, causing immense stress. This overload can cloud judgment, mental clarity and creativity. Contrary to popular belief, effective counsel focus on one case and one thing at a time. They strive to focus on the now and think only about what is happening now. This makes them good listeners and clears the mind, so the attorney can devote their full attention and resources to the current situation. When an attorney thinks clearly, creative ideas are born and strategies are carefully considered. When attorneys are less stressed, they are also more productive. Second, Mindful attorneys strive to remain calm and communicate his or her position with credibility and composure. Effective attorneys do not react with emotional responses or lose their tempers in heated disputes. Third, a Mindful attorney tends to feel healthier and happier. Living and working in this state of mind allows one to feel joyful and free. They have a state of ease, lightness and inner peace. This state is ideal for an effective attorney who remains in control to successfully resolve disputes. They encourage and demand a courteous, peaceful environment which makes everyone more at peace during this unfortunate process. Mindfulness takes practice. There are many proven techniques that can train a person to become more mindful. Warrior Law employs these techniques and works to nurture a mindful work environment with an attorney who strives to work on a state of inner peace.